Dos, Don’ts and Tips of Makeup Application

From the knowledge and experience I have gained in the world of makeup artistry, I offer these few tips to you- What to and what not to do when applying makeup.

  1. Do not apply a shade of foundation that is lighter or darker than you. Use the shade that exactly matches your skin. An attractive makeup application must begin with a foundation that blends smoothly and evenly, merging with your skin.  Foundation can make the difference between having a natural, even complexion or looking as if you are wearing a mask. Even if you feel that you need a foundation that provides good coverage, obvious coverage is a mistake and can negatively affect your entire makeup application.
  2. Same goes with the powder, do not apply a shade of powder that is lighter or darker than you; Use the shade that matches your skin exactly.  Powder is applied to the face to set the foundation in place. To look natural you need to choose the right colour i.e. the base should complement your complexion and disappear into your skin. Continue reading

What’s the 411??

Testing…..1…2… Creativity; Check! Check!  Awesome!!! #TwoThumbsUp.

Hello People,

Feels good writing again. “What have I been up to?” Good Question! Here’s the answer:

I Had a Photoshoot this Monday, May 2nd, 2011… (did i hear someone say yay? Your head is there!!!)……..Photos coming to you soon!! It was a fantastic day, still massaging my back. I’m so grateful to God for the success of the event; my parents, for their support; my very beautiful, wonderful, make-it-happen friends: Latunde Akinbote, Damilola Adetu, Wendu Onyia, Mabel Jibunor, Tayo Oladinni, Ehize Iyore, Precious Nwachukwu; Rolake Job, the Very Patient Photographer and Debola Banks, the only Hawt dude in the house,  for their love, support and contribution in deed…Love You all…What would I have done without you!

Change of Name:  I  came up with a new name for my blog; Arewa Naija….Yaay!! Some People are getting inspired!

This is still Joyin + Makeovers…………….Beauty is the Synonym for You!

More of my Awesomeness Coming Soon!!