From the knowledge and experience I have gained in the world of makeup artistry, I offer these few tips to you- What to and what not to do when applying makeup.

  1. Do not apply a shade of foundation that is lighter or darker than you. Use the shade that exactly matches your skin. An attractive makeup application must begin with a foundation that blends smoothly and evenly, merging with your skin.  Foundation can make the difference between having a natural, even complexion or looking as if you are wearing a mask. Even if you feel that you need a foundation that provides good coverage, obvious coverage is a mistake and can negatively affect your entire makeup application.
  2. Same goes with the powder, do not apply a shade of powder that is lighter or darker than you; Use the shade that matches your skin exactly.  Powder is applied to the face to set the foundation in place. To look natural you need to choose the right colour i.e. the base should complement your complexion and disappear into your skin.
  3. Do make your first purchase of powder or foundation at a makeup studio if you find it difficult determining what shade of a particular product is yours. Yes, there are studios everywhere; Tara, Sleek, Marykay, Flori Roberts, Black Up, Nouba et al. Usually, the makeup artist in the studio would test the powder/foundation, which shade, she thinks is best for you and/or a shade lighter or darker in order for you to be able to tell the difference and make your decision. When you are able to tell what shade suits you, you may not need to go back to the studio for your next purchase.
  4. Do not shave off your eyebrows. Eyebrows, if you notice, are a great determinant of how you look. It’s part of the assets that add to your beauty. I noticed that most women with well-defined eyebrows always look beautiful. Shave those eyebrows and you would be charged to the court of Makeup if caught. Eye pencils are meant to be used to add definition your eyebrows not to replace them. Let’s take a look at the photos below;

      Even without seeing the face, one can see that the lady in the picture looks better with her eyebrows on than off. She looks like an alien without her brows (lol!). But seriously, you shouldn’t be caught dead doing this.

5.    If your eyelids are large, keep your eye shadow within that line. It doesn’t need to get to the crease of your  eyebrows. However, you need to blend the eye shadow in so that the line where the eye shadow stops is not obvious.

6.   Do apply eye shadow up to the crease of your eyes if your eyelids are small. Usually, the eye shadow should be applied on the eyelids, but, some ladies have very little eyelids and the eye shadow may not come out at all. If this is the case, the eye shadow may be extended to the crease a bit.

7.  Do apply your eye shadows neatly. Eye shadow must be blended in order to obtain the best results.

8.  Do use brown eye pencils to line your eyes. They look prettier and more natural than black.  Technically, there are three main shades of brown for the three main complexions; Light brown for light-skinned ladies, brown for chocolate-skinned ladies and dark brown for dark-skinned ladies. These three shades are now divided further by the various makeup product manufacturers, Use the black eye pencil or eye liner to line the lower waterline of your eyes.  Wine is a no-no. It is a crime.

9.    Lip liner can be applied with Lipstick or Lip gloss.

10.  Always use a liner that is a shade or two darker than your lipstick. A lip liner is used to define and create the perfect pout. You can use your natural line or draw a more defined larger lip. If you have full lips and you want to reduce it, a lip liner can also work the magic.

11.  Do not over-extend your lip liner or your lip stick/gloss. It is beauty sin for your lips to bleed.

12.  Always blend in your lip liner before applying your lipstick/gloss.

  And don’t even think about obvious lining, it is so outdated now.