We all begin as blanks; Plain, simple and unassuming. Innocent(maybe not so innocent for some) and pure. Remember how we stare at babies and think “awwh…”? Yes, that’s us. We were once like that. No one was born an adult. The person you see in the mirror was once that little child without spot, blemish or wrinkle.

As we grow, we meet people, share knowledge and experiences then something happens, we start to fill the blank sheets we have. Our interactions and experiences start becoming building blocks for our thinking. We write, allow others to write and even allow experience to write on our blank sheets.

The “awwh” we once were becomes the person you see in the mirrors. Sometimes a great reflection and other times a scarred reflection. The people, the events, the good times and even the bad have all been written on our blank sheets. They form our thoughts and opinions, part of who we become.

The foundations of our thinking is often on those sheets. Our actions and inactions are written on the blanks. Our fears, our dreams our hopes and even our limitations evolve from the writings on the blanks.

We need to remember, the blank sheets are ours and we own the pen. Yes, the pen is ours. You have the power to write and re-write on your blanks. And the small tip of the pen has an eraser. You can wipe and start over. Only what you allow can be written or unwritten.

What are you writing today?
What are you writing today?

Monsur Lovelace!